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What does it mean Literary Tree Publishing Hub and how does it work?

Literary Tree Publishing Hub is website for authors and publishing companies's matching and publishing books.

To become an author or publisher on website, you should register. After registering each author and publisher receives personal account.

In personal accounts authors can add their books and publishers keep applications for publishing books downloaded by authors.

Literary Tree Publishing Hub provides selection among publishing companies for the best terms of publication of the books (circulation, price, terms of publication of the book).

All the books downloaded by authors are to be kept in General library and are available for reading through personal accounts.

Who can become an Author in Literary Tree Publishing Hub?

Any person can become an Author if he/she created the Book by his/her own creative work.

Children can become book authors on the website from 14 years old.

How Author should download book to personal account and general library?

Author should download:

  • book cover;
  • synopsis (short retelling of the Work, an abridged overview of up to two printed pages);
  • a part of the book (fragment of up to 50 (fifty) printed pages);
  • full book;
  • translation of the book to English language (in case if the language of the book differs from Ukrainian, Russian or English).
What are the rules for Publishing Company to register on website?

To register on website Publishing company should upload the following data in relevant fields:

  • document, verifying its right to carry out publishing activities, namely  a scanned copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Publishing Company into the State Register of Publishers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Publishing Products, or any other document, if the Publishing Company carries out its activities under the laws of another state;
  • its logo (corporate, trademark), if such logo is used by the Publishing Company in its activities.
How Publishing Company can choose the book for publication?

After registering on website Publishing Company can enter personal account through which has access to General library.

Publishing Company can look through books in General library, selecting by authors, categories, genres, dates of downloading the book to General library.

On each book Publishing Company can read synopsis, a part of a book and full book (on separate request).

If the book in General library is interested to Publishing Company for publication, it can make an application for publication, offering its terms of publication (circulation, price, terms of publication and other additional terms).

What are the ways to pay for Literary Tree Publishing Hub services?

Literary Tree Publishing Hub offers Authors and Publishing Companies 3 tariff packages:

  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold.

The terms of each tariff package you can find in the relevant chapter of website, called "Pricing policy".

To pay the services of website you can in the following ways:

  • through payment system Portmone, having payment card;
  • through cashless money transfer on current account of Literary Tree Publishing Hub, mentioned in Terms of Use (or paper agreement).
How Literary Tree Publishing Hub confirms successful book publication?

After book publication, the book is moved to chapter of website "Published books".

For successful movement of the book to "Published books", Publishing Company gives Literary Tree Publishing Hub electronic version of published book with ISBN (international standards book number).

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