About us

About us

The literary agency "Literary Tree Publishing Hub" was founded in 2019 in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.
We are only at the beginning of our journey, but we have a noble goal, because we seek to contribute to the study of ourselves and the world through books.

Our motto is: "Books help people discover the world".

We would like to collaborate with talented authors who have something to share with all the people of the world through a description of their experiences, emotions, feelings on the pages of books in different genres.

Receiving a precious genre treasure, our agency will be happy to share it with all interested people, as just the fans to read and recognize life through books, as well as with professionals in the publishing business.

We are open to the whole world, ready to communicate and spread literary art in Ukraine and in the world.

Let's join the literary art with us, this is an interesting, filled and multicolored world.

Books by our authors

Published books

The publication of the book often stops at the stage of budget calculation. The purpose of the Literary Tree Publishing Hub is to ensure that every book believed by the author has a chance to get to the reader's eyes.

Our motto: "Books help people discover the world"

History of the project

It's too early to talk about history, because history only begins. But we are confident that in a while we will have a lot to tell.

At the moment, we can say that the idea of ​​creating a project was not occasional. This is a story about a girl who loved to read all her life, books always accompanied her on the way to school, to work, travel. This interest in books was originally unconscious, as if hidden somewhere deep down, but always broke out.

Having become quite grown up, the girl often went to bookstores and bought books. Sometimes she liked these books, sometimes - she could not reach the middle. However, books, libraries, writers and literature have always attracted her.

Thus in 2018 the girl visited several literary fairs and book presentations. She saw how many authors are, how many publishers are. And she realized that she wanted to be part of this literary world, to contribute to its filling and to dive into it with her head.

So simply, the literary agency "Literary Tree Publishing Hub" appeared. Although, to tell the truth, not everything was simple, but the main thing that we managed to create.

Authors who are invited to use our service
Любко Дереш

“Трохи пітьми”,

Юрій Андрухович

“Коханці юстиції”

Оксана Забужко

“Сестро, сестро”,
“Музей покинутих секретів”

Сергій Жадан

“Депеш Мод”

Любко Дереш

“Трохи пітьми”,

Publishers who are invited to use our service

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