Communicative service for publishers, authors and book translators


We will help you to choose the best books for your publishing house, start cooperation with the most interesting authors of our time


We provide an opportunity to find a publisher for your books, choose the best conditions for their publication and translation and introduce them to both publishers and readers.


We will help you find the authors' books and choose the best conditions for their translation

About the project

The literary agency "Literary Tree Publishing Hub" was founded in 2019 in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.
We are only at the beginning of our journey, but we have a noble goal, because we seek to contribute to the study of ourselves and the world through books.

Our motto is: "Books help people discover the world".

We would like to collaborate with talented authors who have something to share with all the people of the world through a description of their experiences, emotions, feelings on the pages of books in different genres.

Receiving a precious genre treasure, our agency will be happy to share it with all interested people, as just the fans to read and recognize life through books, as well as with professionals in the publishing business.

We are open to the whole world, ready to communicate and spread literary art in Ukraine and in the world.

Let's join the literary art with us, this is an interesting, filled and multicolored world.

How does the Literary Tree Publishing Hub work

What is the Literary Tree Publishing Hub and how the work of our service is organized? How to get started with us and authors or publishers?

Advantages for authors

Prompt acquaintance with the written works of the authors at the same time by a large number of publishing companies

Conducting an electronic systematic library of written works in the author's personal cabinet, monitoring the status of submitted applications for the publication of books and storing the archive of published books by publishers

Ability to choose the best conditions for the publication of the author's book (circulation, price of circulation, terms of publication) if there are several proposals from publishers

Можливість обрання найкращих умов перекладу книги (ціна, строк, якість) за наявності декількох пропозицій від перекладачів

Get feedback from publishers

We provide an opportunity to find a publishing house for your books, choose the best conditions for their publication, and get acquainted with them both by publishers and readers.

Advantages for publishers

Obtaining access to the electronic library of authors' works, grouped by genre, with information about authors, their previous published books and the abridged content of the book proposed for publication

Ability to choose a book for publication by creating a request on the site

Monitoring status of sent requests for the publication of books in the personal publishing house's account

Ability to receive e-mail about new books in the e-library with the name of the book title, author, genre

We will help you to choose the best books for your publishing house, start cooperation with the most interesting authors of our time

Переваги для перекладачів

Отримання доступу до електронної бібліотеки творів авторів, згрупованої за жанрами

Можливість обрати книгу автора для перекладу, створивши запит на сайті

Моніторинг статусів створених заявок щодо перекладу книги в особистому кабінеті перекладача

Можливість отримувати електронну розсилку на електронну пошту про нові надходження до електронної бібліотеки та запити авторів на переклад

Ми допоможемо знайти книги авторів та обрати кращі
умови для їх перекладу

Reviews about working with us

Виталий Денисов
Прекрасное нововведение для авторов и книгоиздателей. Это экономия времени, контакты с издателями и сбережение времени для новых книг.
Our news

Our news is news about books and fulfilling our library with books of different authors in different genres.

Our authors will surely find their publishing companies for their books.

Our aim: "To create electronic book library with the possibility to publish books".